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Do you want to experience the life of an adult who has the responsibility of a job and performs various activities to fulfill life responsibilities? Then, give Toca Life Office Mod APK a must-try. This modified game is totally free to download on your device, and it also gives you access to the advanced levels without charging any price.

Here, the office has different locations and requires you to accept various challenges. If you want to learn more about this educational gaming world, then stay with us. We will explain all its features along with steps to download it without any obstacles. Also, check out Toca Life Hospital MOD APK and Toca Life World MOD APK for free.

Game TitleToca Life: Office MOD APK
PublisherToca Boca
Last updateToday
APK Size35 MB
OBB Size158 MB
Android RequirementAndroid 4.4
PriceFree (0)

Experiencing Worklife with Toca Life Office Mod APK

Being a kid, it is always fascinating to have the life of an adult and perform the responsibilities of earning a livelihood. Get your dream turned into a virtual reality with the Toca Life Office unlocked APK.  With our website, you are able to enjoy it fully with no restrictions or locked versions.


Here are some of the prominent colors of this life:

Beginning From Home

Just like adults, you also have to manage your home along with office work. So, the game begins from the home preparations, where you will take care of the parents or the kids. Feeding them and cleaning the house before going to work are the activities you will perform at the start. After that, you will drop the kids off at the kindergarten to take care of them during the job hours.

Day Care for Kids

In kindergarten, kids are looked after by experts. Caregivers will let the babies enjoy the garden by giving them various toys and the sandbox. They will have fun with their age mates by playing and chatting with them. 


Office Work

Now, the actual phase of adult life will start by taking care of the documents and keeping valuables secure in the vaults. You have to use the laptop or the printer to prepare the document. On the instruction of your boss, you have to take a helicopter flight for the official tasks. How does it feel to perform such office chores? You will learn everything before time in this funny and exciting manner.


Real Superheroes

You will get interesting characters to interact with and turn anyone into superheroes to explore their hidden powers. Test out new adventures by trying more superheroes offered by the office setting. Every character has its way of reacting and responding to your actions. So, learn how to live in a social work setup and enjoy an activity together. 


Multiple Locations to Visit

Just like real offices, this virtual office has many locations and portions, including the meeting room, cafe, helicopter pad, treasure rooms, etc. Every setup helps the kids understand the etiquette of a working environment. 

Exploring the Cafe

After a hectic day, how does it feels to have lunch in the cafeteria of the office? Explore the menu of this cafe by visiting the kitchen. Enjoy your meal with your virtual colleagues and take a short break from the chores.


No Boundaries to Imagination

How does it feel to have a baby as a boss in an office, or how does it feel to conduct a meeting inside an aquarium? This office lets you enjoy all these weird scenarios and cut the boundaries that you have to face in real workplaces. 

Remember that this platform supports your inner thoughts to come outside in a harmless manner. So, feel free to try new things and have an exciting storyline for your office with multiple other characters.


Perks of Having Toca Life Office Free Play

The following are the reasons that make this modified version better than the original one:

  • You can play and explore its various locations without paying anything
  • You will get maximum surprise gifts by interacting and accepting various challenges
  • Going to the advanced levels is no longer an issue, as this version has unblocked features. 
  • You can enjoy using advanced machines like copy machines, laptops, etc, and have helicopter flights to nearby places for commercial tasks.
  • Superheroes of the office will surprise you with their hidden talent.
  • Interact with multiple characters to get various challenges and games to play.

Steps to Download Toca Life Office Mod APK

For the Toca Life Office APK free download, you need 126.85 MB of free space on your Android device. Make sure your operating system is updated, as outdated ones can hinder the process of installation. After that, perform the following steps:

  1. Press the download button available on our website to get the APK file of the Toca Life Office.
  2. Enable “unknown resources “ on your device.
  3. Press on the APK file to start the installation process.
  4. After the installation process is completed, the game is ready to play with all the unlocked features.

If you want to enjoy the latest version of this game, then stay connected with us. We will make all the new versions available to download using the steps mentioned above. In case you find a new version, then without deleting the old file, get the new version to enjoy more perks. This way, you can enjoy the advanced features of new updates without losing your game progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Toca Life Office is an educational yet entertaining gameplay that has a setup of a real-world office. After playing its levels, kids understand how an adult works in an office. They also have the freedom to enjoy new and weird activities that nobody can perform at real workplaces. 

This is the modified version of the original gameplay that is available for free download from our website. Here, you can enjoy unlimited gifts and multiple unlocked premium features that double up the excitement of playing this office-themed game. 

Just Android devices, this gameplay is available to download from the App Store of iOS devices. You can quickly run it on Apple mobiles, iPads, or any other device.

Basically, this gameplay is designed to play offline by downloading it on your device. You just need to have a stable internet connection to install the APK file smoothly. 

Bottom Line

Toca Life Office Mod APK is the best version of the original game to understand the job responsibilities that you would face in real life, with unlimited features. As a kid, you are capable of experiencing a job load and how an office works in real life.

Explore various locations of this office and machinery like a printer or a computer. Indulge in social interactions with other characters of this world for more fun. Make your gaming more exciting by trying various adventures in the office setting. Let your imagination turn into virtual reality with this free platform. Also check out Toca Mystery House APK MOD for free.