Pancake Recipes and Tools – Explore Toca Boca Kitchen

If you are a  cooking fan and love to play cooking games that are creative and interactive, then try Toca Boca. You can learn new things to become an expert in baking and other recipes in this game studio. A simple recipe like pancakes is easy to follow here by taking all the right steps.


Gather all the ingredients like milk, egg, baking powder, etc, and the tools like pan, mixing bowl, etc. Mix dry ingredients first and then prepare a batter by pouring the wet ingredients into the dry ones. Heat the pan and cook the batter from both sides until you get a brown texture.

To know the details of these steps, stay with us till the end. We will explain all the instructions to make your cooking experience smooth with Toca World. 

How do you make Pancakes in Toca Boca? 

Pancakes are a must part of English breakfast. You can make pancakes in the virtual world by properly using the right ingredients. Before jumping into the steps, we list out all the things that you need before trying this recipe.

Features of the Toca Boca Kitchen App

RecipesMore than 80
Price of RecipeAll Free
Available ToolsBowl, pan, baking tray, oven, knife, etc.
Sharing of FoodYes

Important Things For Preparation

Download the Toca Boca MOD APK and launch it. Here, you can have multiple gaming options. Choose the cooking game and then go for the pancake recipe that is available on the list. 

Now, gather all the ingredients that you can select from the screen and measure their quantities.  In this gameplay, you will be given the measuring tools to ensure that you use the right amount of ingredients for any recipe. After completing all these steps, move towards the cooking steps.


Perfect Food Recipes: How to Make Pancakes in Toca Boca

The following steps will give you the perfect pancakes for breakfast so that you can share them with your virtual friends:

  • Step 1: Gather all the ingredients like egg, butter, milk, flour, baking powder, and salt. 
  • Step 2:Take a bowl and mix all the dry ingredients in the right quantities.
  • Step 3: Pour butter mixed with eggs and milk into the dry mixture and make a smooth batter.
  • Step 4: Put the pan on the stove and keep the flame to medium. 
  • Step 5: With the help of a spoon, pour the batter onto the hot pan.
  • Step 6: When the bubbles start rising, then it is time to flip the side. Use a spatula to turn the side.
  • Step 7: Cook both sides until you get a perfect golden color. Remember to keep the flame low to medium while having the perfect texture. 
  • Step 8: Now, take out the pancakes onto the serving plate and choose your favorite topping to enhance the taste.

Ready-made Pancakes in Toca Life World

Another way of enjoying pancakes with your friends in the gameplay is having ready-made ones. You can do so by buying a tortillas pack from the supermarket and fruits that you want to have on the top. 

Before using those fruits, wash them thoroughly in the kitchen sink.

Now open the pack of tortillas, cut the fruits into slices like strawberries and bananas, and spread them on the top to have ready-made pancakes to enjoy.  If you are interested in making more dishes read out our Toca Boca Food Recipes guide.


Bottom Line

How do you make pancakes in Toca Boca? We have provided you with two options to enjoy pancakes. All the above-mentioned steps are quite simple to follow to make the perfect pancakes. You can also consider the second method of having readymade pancakes by buying tortillas and fruits. The choice is all yours. You can also check out our Toca Boca Crumpets Guide to enjoy more cooking delights. And if you are interested in fun gameplay with blocks check out Toca Blocks MOD APK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Toca Boca Gameplay is available for free on the Google Store. However, some of its advanced features are locked, and you can unlock them by paying money.

You can make pancakes for free in Toca Boca by using all the free available ingredients and utensils. For premium or additional ingredients, you can unlock them by earning reward points with the completion of mini-games or challenges.

You can consider the following options for using your pancake toppings:

  • Whipped cream
  • Syrup
  • Slices of fruits, etc.

Toca Boca is designed to be played by kids, so the recipes that are included in this game studio are close to reality but not 100 percent accurate.