Toca Boca Crumpets Guide | Your Virtual Cooking Delight

Enjoy your English breakfast with your internet friends by making delicious crumpets at Toca Boca. Be an expert at cooking by having delicious recipes for polishing your culinary skills virtually. In this gameplay, you are free to make scrumptious crumpets with the right steps. Here arises a question:

You need to gather ingredients like baking powder, buttermilk, flour, etc, to prepare the batter. Mix dry ingredients first and then wet ones to have a smooth yet thick batter. Pour it with a spoon on the hot pan and cook both sides for 2 to 3 minutes to have the perfect fluffy look. 

Despite simple steps, some players are confused about this game setup, like how many crumpets are in Toca Boca or how to find crumpets in Toca Boca. If you are also one of them, then no worries. Here, you will get answers to all such questions so that you can enjoy this game to the fullest.

Crumpets in Toca Life World

In this table, I have collected information about some famous crumpets and from time to time I will be updating it.

LocationNameHow to FindItems Needed
Creator’s DistrictZen CrumpetTap on the foliage behind the butterfly in the zen garden (Character Creator, expanded through in-game purchase).
Bop CityBeanie-wearing CrumpetUnderneath a pile of clothes in the Tailor’s room (Tailor).
Bop CitySewing CrumpetManhole cover located to the left in Storage.
Bop CityPencil CrumpetRainbow Shelves in the Post Office.
Bop CityCandy Crumpet
Busy PlazaMermaid CrumpetTap the door on the right of the underwater area in the Surf Shop.
Busy PlazaAxolotl CrumpetTo the right of the laboratory in the Aquarium.
Busy PlazaRobot CrumpetIn the right office on the second floor in Business Plaza.Input symbols found in cabinets into the desk.
Busy PlazaMad Scientist CrumpetIn the science laboratory in the basement of the Hospital.
Busy PlazaRestaurant CrumpetOn the first floor, scroll to the left to the wash area in the Fancy Restaurant. On top of the sink is a shelf. Tapping any of 3 protruding bricks will reveal this crumpet.
OK StreetRobot CrumpetThe manhole cover located to the left in Storage.
OK StreetArt CrumpetOpen the air vent above the art printer in the Activity House.
OK StreetVarious Crumpets (Junkyard)Found in different locations inside the Crumpet Junkyard, such as inside an amp next to the security booth, inside the fridge, in the bathtub behind boxes, etc.
Tiptop TopsPirate CrumpetBehind the sandcastle on the left in Lake Park.
Tiptop TopsYouth CrumpetIn the vending machine to the left in the Youth Club.
Lettuce LandsCute Pink CrumpetIn a little room carved out of a tree trunk in the shop.
Lettuce LandsPrumpet CrumpetTo the right, there is a door with the word Prumpet in the Barn.
Omelette IslandsAirport CrumpetIn the reception area, right before the plane in the Airport.
Omelette IslandsAstronaut CrumpetPress the bright red button under Cosmodogs counter to open a panel in the Amusement Park.
Vox ValleyWild CrumpetTap on the big bush behind the tent in the Wildlife area.
Vox ValleyScholar CrumpetMove a stack of papers on the last shelf of the library bookshelf and click the blue button in the University.
Vox ValleyWWC Crumpet
Vox ValleySwimming CrumpetIn the aerobics room on the first floor, tapping on the rectangular plate on top of the trash bin will cause a red button to appear. Push the red button to reveal a small gym and a crumpet.
Vox ValleyWatermelon Wave ClubGo to the snack bar on the left-hand side, move the tortilla packs aside to get the crumpled paper. Scroll to the right and follow the code.
Biscuit TownDog CrumpetAll the way to the right before the water area.
Morning MeadowsZombie CrumpetDig the dirt in front of the gravestone to reveal a coffin in the Haunted House.
Morning MeadowsFarmer CrumpetScroll all the way to the left and pluck the protruding pumpkin out of the dirt in the Harvest Festival.
Pom Pom PeaksEskimo CrumpetOpen both the top and lower doors of the fridge in the Mountain Cabin. Remove the eggs and milk to reveal a button, then press it.
Pom Pom PeaksElf CrumpetUnderneath the Christmas tree located outside of the cabin, located inside the small door behind a snowball in the Mountain Cabin.
Pom Pom PeaksCamping CrumpetIn a tent hidden in the bushes located all the way to the right in the Hot Springs.
Pom Pom PeaksPompom Emporium CrumpetsRemove the poster behind the cashier to reveal a yellow button, then press it (Trinket).

In the middle of the shop with action figures, move the stacked boxes of toys to reveal a pink button, then press it (Trinket #2).

Scroll to the far right side in the storage room. Remove the boxes on the bottom shelf to reveal a blue button and press it (Trinket #3).
Summoned CrumpetsNariMust be in storage with the four main characters of Toca Boca. To get the specific Crumpet, use a Baguette and a Green Band Magazine.Baguette, Green Band Magazine
Summoned CrumpetsLeon
Summoned CrumpetsRitaGive Rita black binoculars and a camera from the shop and go to the storage area.Black binoculars, Camera from the shop
Summoned CrumpetsZeke

How to Make Crumpets in Toca Boca?

This safe virtual cooking platform improves your thinking and social interactions and builds your confidence. That is why this game is gaining popularity from all around the world. By following the right steps for any recipe, including crumpets, you will get the perfect results. Here, we will provide all the steps along with the tips that assist in becoming a chef on this platform.

Before starting the discussion on how to make crumpets in Toca Boca Bop City, you need to list out all the ingredients along with the necessary equipment.

Important Ingredients and Tools 

Here is the Toca Boca crumpet recipe list that includes all the ingredients to make a perfect breakfast:

  • Butter
  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Baking powder
  • Salt
  • Milk

Along with ingredients, some important equipment for this recipe are the following:

  • Mixing bowl
  • Whisk or fork
  • Spoon, 
  • Frying pan
  • Stovetop

With the help of the mixing bowl, you can mix the dry ingredients well before adding wet ingredients. After preparing the batter, you need to use a spoon to pour the batter into the frying pan placed on the stovetop. 

Making Crumpets in Toca Boca World: Steps To Follow 

Preparing new crumpets in Toca Boca is a matter of just the right technique with the right ingredients. Here are the steps to be the master chef at Toca Boca:

Step 1: Arrange the Ingredients

You need to gather all the ingredients that we mentioned above before starting to make your batter, like flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, etc.

Step 2: Start with Dry Ingredients

Pick all the dry ingredients like flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt and pour them into a mixing bowl. With the help of a whisk, mix them all to prepare the base. 

Step 3: Mix Wet Ingredients

Now, you need to mix wet ingredients into the mixing bowl. Before that, belt the butter in a separate pan and add milk to the butter to make the mixture. Pour that mixture into the dry ingredients. Keep on stirring while you are adding the mixture to have a smooth batter. You will get a thick solution with a lumpy texture. 

Step 4: Heating the Frying Pan

Place the frying pan on the stovetop and use a medium flame to heat it. Never pour the batter on a cool pan. 

Step 5: Pouring Batter on Pan

Pour the batter into the hot pan with the help of a spoon. After a few minutes, the batter will start bubbling. 

Step 6: Flipping Sides

With the help of a spatula, turn over the side of the crumpets to have a fluffy and golden brown look from both sides.

That is so easy. You don’t have to ask anyone about how to get crumpets in this game. Along with these steps and ingredients, you can improve your recipe by adding new things like chocolate chips or nuts or adding fresh fruits on top, etc. 

Now it is the time to share your Toca Boca crumpet pictures with your friend lists to make an impression about your cooking skills. 

How to Make All the Crumpets in Toca Boca World

Another interesting feature of this game is that you have to make or find all the crumpets in the Toca Boca world, and their total is around 54. Here comes a question: how do you make all 54 crumpets in Toca Boca? You need to find them from secret spots while exploring new places. The hot spots that help you in getting all the crumpets are the following:

  • Trash
  • Behind waterfall
  • A character with full sleeves
  • Airport
  • The amusement park in the last section of Cosmodogs
  • 1st floor of waterpark in gym store
  • 2nd floor of waterpark flower secret
  • University in library
  • Hot springs are hidden in the bush
  • The bungalow in the snowy thing
  • 2 story house in snowy things
  • Emporium in button thing
  • Bop City junkyard, etc.
How to Make All the Crumpets in Toca Boca World

Bottom Line

The Toca Boca game is equally enjoyable for both kids and adults with its amazing and user-friendly interface, characters, and fun activities. For a perfect crumpet recipe, you need to follow all the steps mentioned above in detail. 

I hope after reading this article, you are now clear about how to make crumpets in Toca Boca. Tell the world about your creative side and enjoy a safe cooking environment with more exposure to new experiments and work setups. Also, check Toca Boca guides for more resources like this.