All Toca Boca Cheats Exposed – Enjoy with Ease

If you want to learn new things and try various activities without getting yourself in any kind of trouble, then try Toca Boca World. This game studio is gaining popularity from all around the world because of its educational and creative storylines. Another exciting thing about this game is its Toca Boca cheats that not everybody knows. 

What is the Toca Boca code? It is a hidden code that, once revealed, gives you some fun in terms of a gift or any other surprise. If you don’t know about such codes, then no worries. Here, we have covered the maximum codes that you can get at various places. So, stay with us. 


Toca Boca Cheats Are Here

Every game has cheats that allow the gamers to get some extra advantages and surprises. Likewise, in the Toca world, there are some hidden codes that you can reveal to see the surprising results.  However, you need to follow some specific steps to get these codes, which we also explained below. 

Let’s see all the Toca Boca cheat codes to double the excitement of the game and get hidden gifts and perks.

1927Free Furniture
2000Buy Everything Free
1977Thank you Gift
1979Play City
7733Tiny Pets
1925Lucky Pet

Toca Mall Codes

Gamers often ask: What is the code for the Toca Boca Mall? Or What is the emoji code in the mall in Toca Boca?  You just have to explore the third floor of the mall, where you can see an outdoor garden. In the garden, there are many plants, along with a bird’s nest. A bird is sitting on it.


There are secret things under that bird, so you have to remove it. You will have a red keycard in the nest. Hold it and then move towards the second floor of the mall. Here, you will see the Optimists office. Enter the office and check the walls to find the poster. 

Tap the poster, and a hidden slot will appear after the poster is rolled up. Now, this is the time to use that red keycard. Put it in the slot, and a secret room will open. In this room, you will see a locked safe with a hidden code on the top. What is the safe code in Toca Boca? You need to follow the following steps to open the safe:

  • Go to the first floor and navigate towards the ATM, which is located near the flower shop. 
  • Below the ATM, pick three emojis. 
  • Follow the order and place them in the phone booth. You will get a hidden place. 
  • Here, the code is pasted on the wall, which is “218”. Now, use the same code to open the safe.

You will get a lot of money and a gem from the safe. This is just one place to get the cheat codes. There are many other Toca Boca gift codes that you need to find by yourself. Stay connected, and we will inform you in case we get something exciting for you. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Toca World has many secret codes in various places like in the Toca mall, hospital, restaurant, etc., and by following the right steps, you can reveal them to get something extra. 

In the fancy restaurant, the secret hidden code is 462. Use that code and then see the results. You would love it. 

There is a four-digit code behind the painting in the fancy restaurant. 2005.


Bottom Line

Toca Boca is the best place to allow your inside imagination to come outside in a virtual manner. Make a storyline of your own choice and accept challenges to win reward points for unlocking premium features. Remember to try all the Toca Boca cheats that we have mentioned with the detailed instructions. Accelerate your excitement and explore more fun with different Toca Boca gift codes.