Toca Boca Phones and Walkies Talkies – Enjoy Toca Boca World 

Have you ever been attracted towards the imaginative scenes that Toca Boca Phones offer? Undoubtedly, they have proved to be the most mesmerizing inventions. Along with numerous fascinating features, these Phones surpass other phones by extending a unique layer of fun to the digital world. These phones are not limited to the age of children, but with their vibrant designs and interactive elements, they have become a prioritized virtual accessory for people of all ages.


These kiddy phones are an amazing addition to the Toca Boca World, for they allow users to enhance their productivity in various areas of real life.

Interesting Facts About Phones in Toca Boca

Are you curious to disclose the secrets hidden within these phones? Let’s explore the magical world of Toca Boca secrets phones. These virtual devices contain a number of amazing surprises and wonderful experiences, that aim to maximize your fun interaction with them. 

Where To Find Toca Boca Phones:

Toca Boca games have so many features which enhance the skills of survival and investigating any information. For example, one of the common tasks given in these games is to find phones. Those Toca Boca phones can be found in the surroundings of the character. 

Usually, they are spotted in homes, shops, or any other location. The exact location of phones may vary depending on the version of the game you play. 

How To Get The Unicorn Phone In Toca Boca:

The phones in Toca Boca games have unique names. One of them is a “unicorn phone”. It is a special token in Toca Boca games. They require certain tasks to be fulfilled to get their access. These phones may have a series of tasks to be completed or reach certain levels to unlock them.


How To Get The Unicorn Phone In Toca Boca For Free:

Toca Boca offers such an amazing experience because it has rewards on certain levels. But it is more interesting to know that it also offers some gifts for free. Mostly it’s asked how to get the unicorn phone in Toca Boca without using a dime. It depends on the features of the app. Sometimes unicorn phones can be unlocked by simply reaching a certain level but sometimes it is not available in the trial phase of the app. 

How To Get The Gangs Phones Toca Boca:

Like unicorn phones, Gangs phones are also one of those special tokens. They are usually found in collections with a certain theme. These phones can be accessed by playing specific games and reaching certain levels, purchasing game packs or through special events. 


How Do You Get The Special Phones In Toca Boca:

Along with some reward phones, Toca Boca also offers some tokens by purchasing them. They can be purchased through in-app stores in the game or by playing certain games and reaching certain levels. Sometimes they are also offered as a reward for certain events.  

Toca Boca Phone Pictures:


If you want to have a look more closely at Toca Boca phones, you can visit the official website and search for the picture. You will find them in community forums or their marketing platforms. Players of Toca Boca games share their experiences on the website. 

How To Get an iPhone in Toca Boca:

It is sometimes possible to spot an iPhone in Toca Boca games. If you see it once, it would be typically found in games on other levels as well. Though they would be different from real iPhones, it is because of copyright reasons. Some minor differences like the logo will not be the same.

Toca Boca Codes for Phones:

Toca Boca games use certain codes to unlock the next levels. You can have access to them in the updates section of the app or through social media apps. You can get weekly codes on Fridays @ 2 AM CET/8 PM EST/5 PM PST in the official app.


Toca Boca phones have become more than just a game. They have become a gateway to an imaginative world and treasures hidden there. These phones offer endless possibilities for digital fun by playing some games. Explore other Toca Boca cheats and get rewards and special items for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are more than 90 locations in all Toca Boca games.

The collection of small and unique creatures in the Toca Boca game are called “crumpets”. They can be spotted hiding in trees or under their clothes.  

Toca Boca is not designed specifically for boys or girls but for kids. It can be played by people of any age group.

There are a total of 60 phones and walkie-talkies available on the recent version of the game.