Toca Boca World iOS Hack for iPhone, iPad, and MacBook


Upscale Your Imagination with Toca Boca World iOS Hack/MOD designed for iPhone, iPad, and MacBook devices. Construct your virtual world for free! Additionally, explore the TOCA BOCA Android MOD for an enriched mobile experience.

How to Install Toca Boca Mod on Apple

You have to follow these steps to get the Toca life world Mod APK all unlocked iOS:

  • Step 1: Uninstall the original app (Toca Boca World previously named as Toca Life World) that you downloaded directly from the App Store to prevent overwriting issues. In case you want to keep the original gameplay along with the Mod version, then with the utilization of the “Custom Install” button, you can have the Toca Boca IPA Mod APK as a duplicate.
  • Step 2: Download the app from our website, and then you will see the game icon on your home screen after the installation. 
  • Step 3: Open “Setting” and then navigate to “General.”  Go to “Profiles & Device Management” and allow the certification of the installed app on your device. 
  • Now, your game is ready to launch with all the unlocked features to give you extra perks.
  • You can also use Alt Store to install the game on your iPhone device.

What’s New in:

Version 1.91

  • Coastal Villa with 3 New Floors, Sun-Kissed Clothes Addition in Coastal Style Pack

What is Toca Boca iOS MOD?

If you are looking for creative gameplay that is also educational and helpful in learning new skills, then Toca Boca iOS MOD is the best choice. This game app is best installed on iOS devices and is specifically designed for kids aged 5 to 8 years. You will get the chance to live a virtual life where you can design your own house and cook your food. 

Here, you can earn reward points by accepting various challenges and playing mini-games. With a reward, you can buy things of your own choice from the supermarket. If you want to learn more about the Toca World to play from Apple devices, then stay with us. We will explain its additional features and the right way to download it.


Toca Boca iOS MOD: Exploration of Unlocked Features

NameToca Boca iOS MOD
Latest Version1.91
Updated on11 July 2024
DeveloperToca Boca AB
GenreEntertainment, Education
Minimum iOS VersioniOS 12.0 or later.
Price Free
Size652 MB
MOD FeaturesModern Mansion, All Unlocked
Other SourceApp Store

With hundreds of unlocked features, this modified version allows gamers to enjoy the game to the fullest. You can get the house of your dreams and lead the life you always wish for by getting all the comforts of life virtually. Here, you can enjoy games related to various life activities like cooking, painting, gardening, etc. 

The original game does not provide you with unlimited options, and you have to spend money to unlock the premium features, but in the Toca Boca cracked IPA, you will have access to the maximum creativity. Let’s see how many perks you will get by downloading this game app from us for free:

Creation of Personal Avatar

You can start your journey by making your character from the list of facial features that you want to have. Make your eyes any color or hair any style by selecting the body parts you would like to have. After completing your customized avatar, start your journey by setting your storyline.


Social Interactions 

This gameplay provides real-life experience by letting you interact with different characters. This world has many interesting characters that give you a response when you click on them. The question mark on the surface means they are offering you some challenges. By accepting them and following the instructions they provide, you can earn the reward points. With enough reward points, you can buy anything from the supermarket and get your dream house. 

Cooking your Favourite Food

In the Kitchen of Toca Boca Mod APK iPhone, you are free to create any recipe, including crumpets, pancakes, macarons, etc., by selecting the ingredients and the proper utensils. This game studio also provides you with cooking instructions to have a perfect cooking experience. You can make an impression on your virtual friends by sharing your cooked meals with them.


Story Creation for Free

By utilizing the MOD IPA version, you have the freedom to access the entire menu. This means you can unlock any level of the game and start the journey from any point. You don’t have to play all the levels to get to the advanced levels. By just clicking them, you are here to enjoy the unlocked features. 

User-friendly Interface

This game has an interesting and attractive design and icons that help the gamers to navigate to various places easily. You can follow the levels and the storyline by clicking on various icons. With its mobile-friendly interface, this game is perfect for playing on mobile screens. Other than mobiles, all Apple devices support this app and let you enjoy your favorite activities like cooking, dressing, shopping, hair styling, etc. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Toca Boca is a virtual world that has multiple life-related activities. This imaginative world helps the gamers learn new skills and interact with other characters.

Yes, with the modified version, you can get the Toca Boca wallpaper for free for use on your iPad. 

Toca Boca is the original game that you can download from the App Store on Apple devices. Toca Bica Mod is the latest version that you can download from our website, and it has various unlocked premium features.

Yes, this modified version provides many houses for free that you cannot get freely in the original game. 

Bottom Line

Toca Boca Mod APK iOS is the best game to download on iPad or iPhone. Here, you lead a life on your terms and choose the luxuries of life with just a single click. You will learn new skills while letting your imagination turn into a reality by having a digital lifestyle.

Download this game for all Apple devices, including iPad, as this game is specifically designed for iOS devices. You don’t have to go anywhere as our website provides you with all the latest versions of this game for Apple devices. So, enjoy the free download with unlimited gifts and surprises now. Also, check out Toca Boca Stories.