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  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Shopping
  • Toca Boca Stuff
  • No Advertisements
  • Unlimited Gifts
  • All Furniture Unlocked
  • Unlocked All Houses
  • Downloadable Content
  • Hile
  • All Buildings, Characters, Creators, Districts

You can also download other Toca Boca games from here, and the iOS MOD of Toca Life World is available as well.

NameToca Boca MOD APK
App Version1.86
Developer/PublisherToca Boca
Related GenresSimulation, Life, Single Player, Stylzied, Offline, Puzzle
Main CategoryEducation
ROOTNot required
App Size531 MB
Android Version Requirement5.1 and up
Play Store Package Name and Linkcom.tocaboca.tocalifeworld
CategoryVideo Game Mods & Add-Ons
Rated for3+

Downloading Toca Boca MOD APK with Unlimited Money

To download Toca Boca free MOD on your Android device, you have to follow the following simple steps:

  • Step 1: On your device, allow the “Unknown Source” by enabling it.
  • Step 2: From our Website, you will get the Toca Boca World MOD APK for free download.
  • Step 3: By pressing the download button, you will get the Toca Boca World file. Select the location for saving that file. 
  • Step 4: Choose the download file to initiate the installation process of the Toca Boca free download all unlocked.
  • Step 5: After completing installation, open the game icon and start your new life with all the unlocked features and locations. 

Minimum System Requirements for Android

  • OS: Android 5.0 and up
  • Storage: 2 GB
  • Ram: 1 GB

Minimum System Requirements for PC

  • OS (Operating System): Microsoft Windows XP/7/8/9/11
  • HDD/SSD: 5 GB Free Disk Space
  • Processor: 32 bit, 64 bit both are applicable
  • RAM: Minimum 4 GB

For iPhone and MacBook, you need iOS 12 or above to play this game.

Some Other Famous Toca Boca Games:

What is Toca Life World: Build a Story?

Toca Life World is an award-winning educational and imaginative gameplay that is equally famous for kids and adults. Here, you can experience various life activities and roam around the World by exploring its multiple locations. You can learn gardening, cooking, painting, and many more things here.

However, the original game is not free of cost, and its multiple features require spending money, or you can unlock them by earning rewards. But if you go for Toca Life World downloadable content, then this version is free of cost. Here, you can enjoy various locked features of the original game for free. Here, we will explain the perks of having this modified gameplay in detail, with the option to download it for free.

What’s New in:

Version 1.86

  • Home Designing bug Fixed
  • Addition of Y2K Loft
  • New Special gifts for series 2 POV

Version 1.85

  • Easter Update: Willow Tree Park is now open! Enjoy nature, have picnics with friends, and join the Easter egg hunt for special rewards from the post office.
  • Outfits, Polished hairstyles, and posh accessories for a preppy Look
  • Home designer
  • Character creator tools

Version 1.84

  • chill weather strolls
  • 100+ locations
  • 500+ pets
  • 600 new characters
  • Some Bug Fixes
  • Dual-Level Environment: Street-level space + upstairs apartment
  • Charming design style
  • Dusting, vacuuming, mopping, stain removal, bed making, decluttering
  • Items stored in boxes
  • Enhanced immersion
  • Neat Street Apartment’s inviting atmosphere

Toca Life World MOD APK: Perks & Features of this Imaginative World

With Toca Boca hack APK fast download, the whole world is all yours. Spend your time in any way by interacting with others, having your dream house, and renovating it in your style. Building your own Toca life world is what makes this game different from other games. 

This is the most attractive feature of this imaginative place: you can build an entire world for spending your life. Enjoy the moments with your internet friends and virtual family members. Here is the list of perks that you will get with the mod game world.


Begin your Journey with a Unique Character

For conducting various activities like building your house, renovating it, playing games, etc., you need to have your avatar. This means you have a new personality in this game with proper facial features and dressing. Sounds interesting? Yes, here you can customize your character and choose the hairstyle, complexions, nose and lips, etc., of your own choice. This game provides you with a list of body parts and dressing choices.

Avatars for Adults and Kids

For adults, it offers sober face features, and for kids, it has funny and lovely features for your avatar. Whether you want to have an adult look or an innocent yet funny look, the choice is all yours. 

This World also has shops where you can choose the trending clothing items for your character. In Toca Life World MOD APK, choose any costume and accessories like bags, wings, etc. Compete with other characters by playing various mini-games and earn rewards with your unique avatar without spending anything. 


No Boundaries to Your Imagination

Everyone dreams to live a life according to their dreams and personal choices. Here, you can create your own story, life incidences, etc. If you love a social setup to spend your time, interacting with other characters is also something interesting to enjoy. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert in real life, you can live your Toca Boca life in your own way. 

Here, you are capable of interacting with more than 40 NPCs. This World has a network of commercial places, including shops and exchange markets. By buying your stuff with bargains and interacting with others, you are confident of leading a life on your terms and conditions.

Something New Everyday

Along with monetary transactions, social interactions are a must part of any society. There are many interesting characters that you would like to explore for communicating. By playing the game and accepting the challenges of other characters, earning reward points is something motivational for the players. 

By spending more time in this World, new locations and new people will appear. So, the level of interest remains the same throughout the game. You will experience new things and challenges every day.

Free to Enjoy Data Synchronization

If you wish to expand the scope of your World by letting the content of other entries like Vacation, Office, City, etc., then there is no issue. With data synchronization, you can enjoy your events and activities by combining the data from other entries as well. In the same way, the data of the World can be divided into other entries to get the ready-made structure and to avoid building the basics from scratch. 

So, save your time by using data from multiple entries at once and enjoy your designing and gaming activities with other characters from various entries. This means that the progress of one entry is easy to apply to other entries with synchronization of your saved data.


Multiple Locations to Explore

Just like the real-life world, this Toca Boca APK World is a combination of various places and locations. Not just the exterior, the building lets you visit inside and analyze the interior setup closely. The rooms of any building are also designed in an extensive way that gives you close to real-life experience. 

For example, you can visit airports, parks, cafes, fashion retail stores, etc. In a shop, you can see racks with various clothing items to select. The cash counter is where you need to pay the money or the earned reward points. This detailed illustration of various locations is the reason behind the popularity of this educational game. 

Why Visit New Places?

Visiting new places gives you excitement and increases your exposure to life. You can explore new challenges to progress in the World by visiting commercial places like cooking shops. In these shops, you can accept the challenge of baking new recipes by using various ingredients and tools. By completing such games and activities, you can visit more places for free in Toca World download free all.


Social Interactions

Living in a friendly environment where people recognize each other is the social setting of any world. Just like real social setups, this game gives its players an environment that is a must for humans to survive. The urge to fulfill the social needs for love and belongingness is fulfilled by interacting with different characters of the games. 

Why Do You Need Interactions?

Each character has its own response style, and by clicking on it, you can explore new personalities. Interactions also help you get the reward points by playing the games that a character offers as a challenge. 

You can also share your World with other players to make memorable moments like enjoying celebrations together and sharing gifts, etc. You will also get supporting characters that guide you in completing various activities on time. Such a warm environment to live your virtual life gives the players real happiness and a sense of companionship.


Sharing with Others Globally

You can share your World and experiences with others virtually, so try to visit new worlds by interacting with friends. Each player of the game has their own story and building World. By sharing other worlds, you can explore new possibilities and the creativity of others by playing it in companionship with others. This way, you can enjoy it deeply by playing and accepting challenges together. If you are interested in becoming a barber you must try Toca Hair Salon 2 MOD APK.


Exploring the Bop City and Its Diversity

Observe the hustle and bustle of a big city by entering into the Bob city of the Toca Boca world. In order to explore various places in this city, you can get an apartment on a rental basis. This way, you have more time to explore shopping malls, salons, parks, etc. 

This city has everything that keeps you updated about fashion trends. You can buy the latest dresses that depict a new fashion sense. Or you can alter your hairstyle by going to the hairdresser shop. If you have free time and you are feeling bored, the next thing that you can plan is making a trip to any amusement park in the city with your virtual friends.

Designing Your Living Place

With Toca Boca unlimited all new update with furniture, renovating your house in any style is not an issue. Whatever your personality is, you can depict it from the interior setup of your house. Select the items that you think are suitable for your house setting. If you are a person who loves book reading, then a bookshelf is a must to add to your living room. By designing the rooms in your style, you have a cozy living place to rest after a long and hectic day. 


Possibilities for Home Renovation

You can buy new furniture if you have extra space in your rooms. Buying a new furniture piece will improve the aesthetics. Likewise, you can choose a living space depending on the progress you have made in the game. 

You can start from small apartments and then slowly turn towards bigger houses by earning more points. In the modified version, many houses are available for free, so you can evaluate them to choose the most suitable option in Toca Boca Mods.


Get an Experience of Directorship by Making Movies

With the help of various characters, make your movie by working as a movie doctor in the Toca World download free all unlocked. If you are inspired by classic drama series or educational programs, then be creative as a movie director. Try to make such video clips here in the Toca Boca world by using all the required tools. This feature is locked in the original gameplay, and you will get it for free in the latest version. 

To-do-list for Movie Creation

For high-quality movie clips, you need to have supportive staff like your virtual friends and other characters. Smoothly perform the preparation phase by involving various characters selected on the base of their capabilities. 

As a movie director, you have to select actors for various roles that can deliver the script smoothly. Furthermore, you need to invest in matching costumes to portray a particular role in the movie. So, there is a long list to do when you start your journey of directorship in the game studio. 

Fill House with Your Favorite Pets

Don’t be afraid to be lonely at your house in the Toca Boca world. Rather, go to the pet shop and choose your favorite pet to make it your house companion. In Toca World hacked APK, you are free to buy any pet for your house. 

The presence of a pet increases the beauty of any house and makes it a dream place to spend your time. The bond that you will share with your pet is something that makes you social in a true sense. You will become more loving and caring towards others.

The collection of various pets, including cats, dogs, bunnies, parrots, etc, make your journey more fun. Or you can go for different choices like penguins or big bears to get as a pet. By taking such pets to various places, you will enjoy the weird expressions of other characters. You need to schedule your routine for bathing and feeding them on time to have a purposeful life. If you are interested in horses check Toca Life Stable MOD APK.


Why One Must Go For Toca Boca MOD APK Unlocked All

Instead of using original gameplay, you need to consider our modified game version for the following reasons:

Houses and Furniture

You will get a number of free options for having your own house in the Toca Boca World. Not just home; you will get the furniture and other stuff for designing and renovating your rooms. This way, you can polish your interior design skills. 

Unique Character

You have multiple free customization options for making your character features that the original game provides for a fee. Moreover, you can get any house for free in any location by visiting various entries and the Toca Boca World.

Free Download

You are free to download this modified app and start playing with your favorite character in the right ways without paying anything.


Celebration is a must part of this game as it is related to our life activities. You will find new updates about upcoming events and celebration parties. You can enjoy memorable moments with your virtual friends and other characters of the game in an intimate manner. Share your food and interact with others, making the whole environment of Toca World hacked APK close to reality. 

Free Gifts

You will get gifts every Friday by visiting the post office. Other than weekly gifts, there are other gift events like New Year celebrations, winter holidays, etc. While enjoying such events, you will get various surprises. The more you play mods Toca Boca, the more gifts you will get in return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Toca Boca is an educational game that is beneficial for both kids and adults. Here, you can learn new skills like cooking, gardening, etc., and can spend your time in a way you dream of. Buying your house, making a friend circle, and renovating your wardrobe and the house are what make this game special. 

Toca Boca Life World includes various locations to maintain the interest of the players. You can start your games from different entries or locations like:

  • City
  • Restaurant
  • Beach
  • Airport
  • School
  • Shop

All such locations are a combination of various activities that represent the environment of such places effectively. You will also get games related to that location to earn rewards.

To create your profile avatar, you have to go to the location and choose the one that you want to explore in the Toca life world. Then press the “ Create Character “ icon. In the modified version, you have unlimited options for customization of the character in any style. Select the body parts, facial features, outfits, and names for your character to build your own personality. 

If you want to share the progress of your World with your friends and family, then take various screenshots while playing. Or, you can record videos to post on social media platforms for sharing purposes. Make an impression on others by sharing your virtual life of Toc Boca World easily.

The following places are highly recommended to select for accepting various challenges or to build your own story:

  • Amusement parks
  • Beauty shops
  • Commercial centers
  • Offices
  • Flower shops
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Libraries
  • Coffee shops, etc.

You can get a free house with the label “Free” in the modified version. Click on such a house and start your life. Or, if you want to have a house that has a price tag, then accept various challenges and play mini-games to get maximum reward points. By interacting with others, you will also earn money. After having enough money, buy the house of your own choice. 

In this World, various items have different price tags; you have to spend money to get them. Another option is earning reward points by playing various games and completing challenges.

Once you get enough reward points, you are capable of unlocking premium things or can shop from your favorite shop in Bob City. However, you will have multiple stuff for free in the Toca Boca APK MOD. This means you can enjoy the premium features of Toca Boca by downloading the modified and latest version from our website. 

You can get all the stuff, including houses, furniture, gifts, pets, clothing, etc., without paying anything by downloading Toca Boca MOD APK.

You can interact with other characters of the Toca World hacked APK to live a social life to the fullest by clicking on them. You will get various responses from different characters. This versatility motivates the players to communicate with the maximum of characters in the game. 

With Toca Boca hack MOD APK you will get everything unlocked and free on your Android device. For iOS you have to download Toca Boca iOS MOD/IPA.

Bottom Line

Why spend your money on locking premium features of Toca Boca World when you can get them freely with the Toca Boca MOD APK? Get your dream house by having all the houses in the unlocked version here. Not just the houses, designing them with the furniture and decorative items of your own choice is no longer an issue. 

You don’t have to spend money on renovating your living place. Now, getting your dream house with all the comforts is possible with a game studio. Polish your creative and interaction skills by exploring new worlds, including Bob City and its locations.

Toca boca mod apk unlocked all download latest version free

After comparing various sites, find a location for your house to start your life. Explore more than 90 locations to learn how to enjoy new activities like gardening, planting, painting, etc. To get all these perks, you need to download the Toca Boca APK all unlocked.

Multiple websites are providing this modified version for free. But you need to be careful to select a reliable platform. Our website is free from any sort of virus. By downloading the Toca Boca MOD and unlocking all furniture and houses from us, you can smoothly enjoy this game studio. You can also download the Toca Life Hospital MOD APK from here.