Toca Life Hospital Mod APK Unlocked Everything Free Download


Download the latest version of Toca Life Hospital MOD APK unlocked and get all premium resources like money and other purchases for free in the Toca Life: Hospital game. You can also get Toca Boca MOD APK unlimited everything from here.

Why Play this Game?

If you want to learn about the setup of a hospital and the machinery items that are a standard part of this medical place, then give Toca Life Hospital Mod APK a must-try. In this modified version of the game, a detailed illustration of the rooms and medical devices is helpful for kids to understand how real hospitals work. 

You will also get some extra perks of unlocked features that you will not get with the original gameplay. Just download it from our website for free, and you can start your journey. If you want to learn more about this virtual world, then stay with us. We deeply explain each aspect of this hospital so that you can play it with true spirit.

NameToca Life Hospital Mod APK
Requires Android5.0 and up
PublisherToca Boca
GenreEducation, Puzzle, Entertainment
CategoryGames/Computer & Video Games/Simulation Games
Size31 MB
Additional Information

How to Download Toca Life Hospital Safely and Freely on Android?

To install the modified version of this game, you need 1.13 GB to 1.41 GB of free space on your device. After that, perform the following steps:

  1. Press the download button to get the APK file of the game from our website
  2. If you are using an Android device with Android version 8.0+, simply click on the APK file and follow the instructions on the prompt.
  3. Enable “unknown resources“ on your device if you are using an older version of Android OS.
  1. Find the file and press on the APK file to begin the installation.
  2. After complete installation, the game is ready to launch.

Steps to Update Toca Life Hospital Download

To get the benefits of new changes offered by the developer, you need to keep your game updated. Whenever there is something new, you can get it through our website. You need to perform the following steps to enjoy the latest features of the Toca Life Hospital Mod APK:

  1. Install the latest version of the game without deleting the old one.
  2. Use the same website to get the latest version from where you get the first modified version.
  3. If you don’t follow the above instructions, then you will face the message “Application not installed” because of the signature conflict.

Salient Features of Toca Life Hospital APK MOD

Why must one go for the Toca Life Hospital Mod APK unlocked all? These are the reasons that make this modified version better than the original one:

  • You can freely explore all five floors of the hospital, including the laboratory, home care, treatment departments, etc.
  • You can use the elevator to shift to any floor to experience new things and experiences.
  • Physicians who are available in the hospital help the patient get the medicines. If you feel sick, you can get treatment. 
  • How does it feel to be pregnant? Or what it looks like to see your inside baby? Experience it in the maternity room and check out the ultrasound machine.
  • Be a doctor and examine patients by using various machines, like a CAT scanner, an X-ray machine, etc.  
  • There is no need to pay money to enjoy the premium features and the locked levels; everything is at your access in this modified version.
  • How does it feel like to farewell your loved ones? Experience these moments in the farewell room.
  • Get unique gifts and surprises by exploring secret places and cracking various codes.

Exploring the World of Toca Life Hospital in Detail

Toca Life Hospital Mod APK is getting the attention of gamers because of its informative content. That is why this game is not just for entertainment purposes. It is a chance to see the hospital life closely.  Let’s check out what are the possibilities that you can experience here:

Feel Like a Doctor

With the Toca Life Hospital APK download free, you can perform all the duties of a doctor. How to take care of the patients? How do we monitor their health? In this virtual hospital, you are provided with all the tools and machines that help you in taking care of various patients. For example, you can take the vitals of surgical patients by using a medical monitor. You need to manage the wheelchair, hospital beds, bandages, crutches, etc., in the Toca Life Hospital online for free. 

Furthermore, this game has many interesting characters that will enter the hospital as patients. For example, you have to deal with a girl who is suffering from a cold, and a boy will appear with a broken arm. 

You have to perform the necessary surgeries to mend the broken bones or heal the injuries. Being a doctor, what do you have to do to make them feel better? This is the learning perspective of this game. By performing all the steps, you can earn maximum reward points and can unlock more features.


Recording your Own Voice

In the hospital drama, you can narrate a story in your own words by recording your voice. Another record feature is the video recording of the clips to make a storyline. How long can I record videos? You can record videos of up to 2 minutes long. 

After making the videos, save them in the camera roll to share them with others. This way, you can tell your friends the incidents with all the right details. Along with self-voice, the background voice of the game is also exciting and creates a sense of alertness while working as a doctor.


Experiencing Motherhood

Do you know you can be a mother to a newborn in the Toca Life hospital? But how do you get a baby in Toca Boca? You can get a baby with the help of the following steps:

Go for Female Character

To be an expectant mother, you need to choose a female character. Remember to use various facial features and body parts to have your avatar. Start your journey after finalizing the look.

Make a Partner 

Just like in the real world, you cannot be a mother alone. You need to have a partner who will act as a father. You can also customize the father character just like your own character. Get a dream partner in this world with the desired facial features and body parts. 

Make Your Storyline

Begin your journey by leading your life as a couple. Enjoy play dates and be ready to be a new parent in the town. You can choose blankets and pillows to create a baby bump. This way, you will look like an expectant mother. You also have the customization options to create a new dressing for this phase of life. Select the dresses that also accommodate your baby bump. You may also like Toca Life Office MOD APK, to experience the storyline of real time office life.

Visiting the Hospital

Go to the delivery room and get a check-up and ultrasound of the baby. In the labor room, you will be given the blessing of the baby. Now, it is the time to take care of that baby and to feed and pamper the newborn. This new phase of life helps gamers understand the responsibilities of a mother and how difficult it can be at certain times. Also, try Toca Pet Doctor APK and diagnose and take care of cute animals.


Farewell Room for Goodbyes

Goodbyes are part of everyone’s life. Make your mind ready to say goodbye to your loved ones by experiencing it in the virtual world of Toca Life Hospital Mod APK. Learn how to control your emotions and be strong in accepting the realities of life with a positive mind.


Frequently Asked Questions

It is an educational game that is made with the theme of a hospital. It depicts the inside and the outside places of a real hospital with detailing. By accepting various challenges, gamers learn new things and get the concept of life and death. 

You can visit the delivery room in the Toca Boca Life Hospital Mod APK. You don’t need to pay anything in this latest version of the game. 

This game is free to download from the Google Play Store. However, if you’re looking for the modified version to get all the premium features for free, then download the Toca Life Hospital Mod APK from our website. 

This modified version is easy to install, but you cannot install it with the original game on your device. You need to uninstall the original game to get this latest version without facing a signature conflict. After that, enable unknown resources on your device for installation. 

Bottom Line

Toca Life Hospital Mod Apk is one of the best games for spending your free time learning life-related activities virtually. Deeply understand the concept of life and death and the emotions that doctors and patients go through in the routine of this hectic life. 

With the modified version, you are free to visit every corner of the hospital and explore its hidden places. Double up your excitement by getting the extra perks and gifts with this latest version. So, begin your journey with the download option above. You can also download Toca Life World iOS Hack from here.