All The Toca Boca Secrets: Enjoy Toca Life World Fully

Toca Boca is one of the popular games that is getting attention with its interesting and colorful interface. This virtual world has many locations, just like the real world, and lets gamers enjoy various activities. 

Just like any other game, this world also has some secrets that double the enjoyment of completing the challenges. If you want to learn all the Toca Boca secrets, then stay with us. We will give you detailed instructions to reveal any secret of a particular location here.


All Toca Boca Secrets Revealed

You have completed multiple levels of the game but still need to know the hidden places to explore. Then there is no problem; here is the list of all the secrets. Have a look and then implement them one by one. 

1. Toca Boca Hospital Secrets

In the parking lot on the 1st floor, there is a standing ambulance on the left side of the parking lot. 

If you tap on the fuel tank of this vehicle, then you will see a cute hamster. You can observe melon seeds at a nearby place to feed him. 

Moreover, you can see a trolley on the left side of the ambulance. By pressing on the trolley, you will be given a number of clothes along with a diamond at the end.


2. Haunted House Secrets

In the haunted house of the Toca World, there are many hidden places that you can reveal by following our instructions. The first interesting thing you need to explore is its secret laboratory. You need to go to the gallery of the house that is on the left side of the lift. 

The pictures that the gallery has need to be completed. The walls of the gallery also have some marks. You need to follow those marks to complete the pictures of the gallery. If you arrange the pictures correctly, a secret chamber will appear on the left side of the room. Here is the hidden laboratory that you need to check out now.


3. Secret Crumpet

This place also has some secret crumpets hidden in odd places. If you want to find one, then go near the tree that is outside the door of the house. You will see a tomb there. By clicking on the area next to the tombstone, the ground will dig up, and a coffin will appear. By opening the coffin, you will get a crumpet

4. Bop City Secrets

In Bop City, you can also check hidden items by going to the storage area. On the left side of the area, there is a poster with the title ”No Sloth”. If you click on that poster, you will get an outfit of a king sloth.

You can also get Nari’s pet named Croquet by going to the storage center again. To get the pet, you need to follow the way toward the storage door by observing the pattern of food crumbs on the floor. 

After opening the door, make a place for keeping the food bowl by removing some items from the area. Put the bowl on the spot that has food stains in the surroundings. Once you place the bowl in its right place, the hidden pet will appear.


5. Central Station Secrets

You will find the station hall and the train platform here. By entering the train, you can go inside the driver’s chamber by sliding the door. Here, you can see a box on the right side of the floor. By tapping on it, you will get multiple food items to enjoy. 

Along with food snacks, you will be given a key in a card shape to check in through the door that you see on the station on your left. Now, go back toward the door and enter a secret room where you see two mice and an alligator.  By clicking on a box that is near the back wall, a mask will appear. By clicking on the second box that you see on the left side, you will get chemical sprays to kill them.


6. Toca Boca Voxella Festival Secrets!

Here at the festival, you can enjoy various rides, change your hairstyle, and get your photo. If you feel down, enter the toilet and tap on the wall behind the commode. You will get a diamond, and you will feel better. Also, check out how to make Christmas Cookies in Toca Boca.

Frequently Asked Questions

Toca Boca is an imaginative game that is beneficial in terms of educating about different life activities. You can learn cooking, painting, gardening, and other activities with basic guidelines. Thai imaginative world helps you lead a virtual life in your own way.

Yes, this gameplay is free to download from the Google Play store, and you can play it free of cost up to certain levels. However, to use the premium features of the game, you need to pay money or complete various challenges to earn the reward points. 

This is one of the modified versions of the original game that allows the gamer to play the watermelon club location of the Google App Store game. This is developed by a third party with all the secrets of this place to give the users interesting hidden things to enjoy. 

Bottom Line

Toca Boca is the best place to let your creativity shine. Make the gaming experience more interesting and useful by getting all the hidden gifts and items or exploring the secret places. All the above-mentioned toca boca secrets are 100 percent real, so you need to follow the instructions to reveal them. After getting all the Toca Boca secrets free, it is time to play this game with new excitement. Do not miss our macrons guide and find out where to find and make macrons.