How to Make Christmas Cookies in Toca Boca: Complete Guide

With Christmas around the corner, cookies are in an all-time-high demand. The festivities plunge their demand to skyrocket, but have you ever tried digital cookies? Toca Boca comes with exceptional cookie recipes to make your time sweet and memorable.

Moreover, you can hang out with your friends, design delicious cookies, and present them to your loved ones. Toca Boca life is nothing but enjoyment, and it becomes more extensive as the Christmas darts closer.

Therefore, if you consider yourself the master chef, here is a challenge that will test your cooking skills. Contrarily, if you are struggling with baking cookies, we will guide you to make Christmas cookies in Toca Boca.

So, let us get started and land in the world of crunchy creamy cookies world.


Make Christmas Cookies in Toca Boca: Steps To Follow

Here, we are going to answer how to make Christmas cookies in Toca Boca through a simple and systematic guide. Therefore, follow the below-mentioned steps to make your cookies successfully.

Since the room for improvement is always here, you must keep your artistic instincts open while working on your cookies.

Step 1: Install Toca Boca 

Surprised? The first is always to land in the Toca Boca world. To make cookies, you must install the Toca Life World on your phone. You can easily download the app from stores and install it on your phone or tab, just like any other app.

Once you are all done with installation, move on to start your cooking session.

Step 2: Select Ingredients

The next step is to visit your kitchen and select ingredients depending on your choice of cookies. Since chocolate cookies never go out of fashion, so will making them.

Here are your required ingredients. 

  • Hot chocolate
  • Eggs
  • Brown Sugar
  • Flour
  • Butter
  • Baking soda
  • Salt

Step 3: Mixing

Mixing part is always fun. Once you have unshelled all your ingredients, mix them to make a paste. Once your paste is ready, you can choose your desired design. There are numerous popular designs, including hearts and Christmas trees.

Step 4: Baking

The real fun begins here; baking is the most challenging part. Getting the perfectly cooked cookie is always a challenge in Toca Boca.

However, based on experience, a time of around 10 minutes produces the best Christmas cookies. Therefore, you must wait for a minimum of ten minutes to get the perfectly baked cookies.

Step 5: Testing

Once you have waited enough for baking, do not hesitate to taste a cookie to get the idea of its making. If you are satisfied, you can remove the pan from the oven to proceed forward.

Step 6: Serve and Enjoy

Once you have cooked your cookies and are satisfied with the taste, serve the treat. You can either eat all of this yourself or share it with your Toca Boca friends.

Since many players are making Christmas cookies in Toca Boca, they always remain classy and artistic. Additionally, you can choose to make different shaped cookies to look unique.

Toca Boca Kitchen

Toca Boca Kitchen is a fan-favorite game that is famous among players of all ages and genders. The kitchen offers a role-play option, where you can enjoy cooking multiple dishes, including Christmas cookies. 

With Christmas and year-end approaching fast, you would not want to miss the Toca Boca fun. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can cut food in Toca Boca. However, you can only cut a food item once into four or fewer pieces. Likewise, food items in the lower right corner of the fridge are hay. 

You can find sugar from the following points in Toca Boca. 

  • Home designer (free)
  • Morning Bun Bakery (Morning Meadows)
  • Fancy Restaurant (Busy Plaza)
  • Krill Grill (Busy Plaza)

As far as safety is concerned, Toca Boca 2 is ideally suited for kids. As, you can use four different characters for cooking by using their unique tastes and preferences.


How to cook Christmas cookies in Toca Boca is a query many people are seeking answers to. It may seem a straightforward task, but adding multiple tastes and preferences can put your cookies in the limelight. Therefore, you must bring the hidden artist in you out while making cookies. 

Moreover, you can bake cookies in Toca Boca by visiting your kitchen, selecting the recipe, mixing ingredients, baking, and then serving. One of the most vital parts of making cookies is baking, we recommend you to wait for ten minutes. 

Furthermore, you can also engage your cooking skills to make other dishes. Since the festive time is around, we recommend you not to limit yourself to cookies only. You can also check our guides about making macrons and pancakes to make a surprise for your friends.

We hope you enjoyed reading and are now ready to rock the Toca Boca world by presenting your Christmas cookies. Please leave feedback in the comments section and share your style of cooking. Cheers!