Enjoy Toca Mystery House APK MOD with Unlimited Features Free


Are you fond of gameplays that are mysterious and have evil vibes? Then give Toca Mystery House Mod APK a must-try. Like every town, Toca World has a mystery house occupied by evil spirits. As a player, you will feel suspense throughout the various levels of this modified version. You must encounter this place’s strange characters and hidden secrets on various floors.

Game TitleToca Mystery House MOD APK
DeveloperToca Boca
GenreEducational, Simulation, Playpass, Stylized, Casual
Required Space91 MB
Latest Version2.3-play
Play Store IDcom.tocaboca.tocamysteryhouse

Stay with us if you want to enjoy this game to the fullest. We will discuss its features in detail for your guidance. 

Secrets of Toca Mystery House Mod APK Unrevealed

What makes this educational game different from others? Why must a person who is fond of suspense stories try it? Get insight into all these questions by checking the features of this house in detail. 


Search the Reality

Toca Mystery House APK OBB has many rumors and hidden secrets. This house is located on a strange street, and people living nearby complain that they heard the sound of children crying at night. A buzzing sound often comes out of the house, along with the cries. Some neighbors saw aliens on the roof of the house. 

What is the reality behind these rumors, or are they just baseless.? Find out more about this house and its rooms by watching everything you face. Be ready to be attacked by strange faces or hidden scary creatures. Learn how to beat Toca Mystery House by accepting new challenges every day.

Be an Inventor

Who likes to have new products developed after the experiments conducted in the laboratory? Be that experimenter with all the expertise. The laboratory of this house has strange gadgets and portions.

Explore each detail to find a new thing for having your inventions in this virtual world. To enjoy these features, you must provide data to enter the system. After that, you are all set to invent something strange yet creative.

No Limit to Imaginations

Do you want to polish your creativity skills and bring your inner imagination out? Then, this haunted house has the potential where you have access to create your storyline by visiting various rooms, including the basement.

With the help of an elevator, shuffle between house floors to have more fun. You will learn the magical spell to have protection against evil spirits. How does it feel to have magical powers while fighting against the dark characters? Experience this in the mystery house of Toca World.

Set of Puzzles

When you see the house from the outside, it looks like an ordinary place. But upon entering it, nothing is expected at all. You will experience strange things from the beginning as well.

The more you progress in the game, the more puzzles you have to solve. You can’t leave the house without completing all the levels or the storylines. Every place in this building is just a puzzle; you must use your brain to solve it. 

Be a Fighter

How do we fight against evil creatures? Learn this thing by entering the living room of the house. You will be sacred there as two scary eyes will spy on you. You have to use the right weapon to attack before that creature harms you.

Along with this portion, the basement has many hidden aliens that can harm you. Be alert while entering it, and don’t be afraid of loud noises. They are just for your distraction and to confuse you. 

Colorful World

Along with the dark side of this house, this game is developed with the best graphics to have a colorful gaming experience.

Every character, room, and tool of this house has bright color schemes that look amazing when you play several levels.  Even the walls of the rooms are decorated with pictures of strange faces.

Every detail of this place tells you you are dealing with something supernatural. 

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Why Choose Toca Mystery House Mod APK?

The following are the reasons that motivate you to download the latest version of this gameplay from our website:

  • You can access unlimited strange characters with funny or scary facial features.
  • You will create new products by conducting experiments in the laboratory.
  • This house will allow you to roam inside various rooms: each has a storyline that gives you new excitement to unfold. 
  • You will learn magical tricks with various techniques and tools.
  • The game has clear soundtracks, creating more suspense with mysterious voices. 
  • You will play various games to discover stories hidden in various places.
  • You must tackle slime-filled rooms if you are lost in this mysterious world. 
  • The visual effects are so apparent, like smoke coming out of the laboratory, giving a realistic look.
  • You will get unlimited gifts and surprises.
  • All the premium features are yours to access without paying a penny.

How to Download Toca Mystery House APK Free Download

To install the modified version of this mystery house, you need 91 MB of free space on your Android device. Now navigate to our website and perform the following steps:

  1. Press the download button available on this page to get the APK file of the Toca 
  2. Enable “unknown resources “ on your Android device.
  3. To start the installation process, press on the APK file.
  4. After completing the installation, press the game icon to start exploring this world with dark vibes. 
  5. If you are utilizing the bin extension for downloading the APK file, then use the rename feature to modify the extension to APK. 

If you want this game on iOS devices like Apple mobiles, iPads, etc., try the App Store to download it directly. Enjoy this game on both Android and Apple devices without any issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This educational game is for kids and adults who like to dig into strange facts or explore scary creatures. Here, you will experience a thrilling yet dark environment with something new to explore. 

This mystery house has different rooms, each with its storyline. You will accept challenges and experiment with new things in the laboratory of this house. In the basement, you must find hidden secrets and tackle strange creatures. 

Yes, you can get these latest versions from our website for free. To get the new versions, remain connected with us. We provide all the versions to enjoy this house without any limitations. 

This game is designed to be played offline by downloading it from our website. You need an internet connection to get it on your device. After that, you can play it without the wifi. 

Bottom Line

Toca Mystery House Mod APK is best for gamers looking for something strange yet adventurous. With unlimited scary characters and secret portions, you will get something new to reveal daily.  Don’t forget to download the latest version of this game studio to have unlocked features and premium gifts.