How To Get a Free House in Toca Boca | Dream House Hunting

Toca Boca is the place to have unlimited possibilities to build your world according to your preferences. This game allows the players to be creative towards the houses and the characters and allows them to design anything. Get the comfy house that you always dream of by playing Toca Boca. Here arises a question:

You can get your own home in any location by earning reward points by playing various games. After exploring the world of Toca Boca, you can interact with other characters to accept multiple challenges. The more tasks you complete, the more money you earn. With enough money, getting your house is not an issue. 

If you want to get details of the steps for getting a house, then stay with us. We will also provide you with all the required information to help you optimally utilize the customization features for your virtual house.

How Do You Get a House in Toca Boca?

It is one of the life goals to have a house of your own choice. At Toca Boca, you can enjoy such moments by having a virtual home. But how do you get a new house in Toca Boca? By following some simple steps, the dream house is all yours in the game studio. Before getting into details, remember that you can customize your house in any design that represents your imagination. Moreover, you have the freedom to select the location among the available options.

Game NameToca Boca
CharactersMore than 500
LocationsMore than 90
ProductsDaily routine items, including houses
Rating4.3 -Award-winning play studio
How Do You Get a House in Toca Boca

Let’s explore the step-by-step guidelines now:

Step 1: Exploring the World

You need to understand the setup of the Toca Boca world and how it works. After that, you are capable of completing various challenges. To explore this virtual world, download the app on your device from the Google Play Store and start your journey by creating the character of your choice. You are free to choose eyes, hair, and body parts for your character to have your own identity while playing this game. 

Another thing to cover is the exploration of different locations of this world. There are many places to visit here, like shopping malls, airports, playing grounds, hair salons, etc. You can even visit rooms of a particular place to have a deep evaluation of any location. 

Last but not least, socialize with other characters in the game. You can check the reactions of various characters by clicking on them. Start playing various game activities with other characters. This way, you will have a better understanding of how this gameplay works.

Step 2: Complete Challenges to get a Reward 

After getting the insight of this game, the next step is earning money to have your own house. You can get your reward points by completing various challenges. Each task has a reward, and completing activities will increase your earning points. With enough money, you are capable of buying any house that this world offers at different locations.

Tips to Earn Rewards Fast in Toca Boca

Here we will identify some tips to help you earn fast while playing various activities and interacting with other characters:

  • Focus on the bulletin board updates where you can check new challenges or tasks to get maximum reward.
  • Play mini-games related to different daily life activities like gardening, painting, cooking, etc., and earn points with excellent performance. 
  • Exclamation marks on the other character are an indication of new challenges. Interacting with them and following their instructions gives you money.

Along with earning points by playing the game and buying your dream house, there are cheat codes that help you get free houses. There are multiple websites that you can consider for getting such Toca Boca-free house codes. You might also enjoy exploring Toca Boca crumpet recipes, where you’ll find comprehensive information on preparing delicious crumpets.


You can get a bigger house in Toca Boca World by earning more points by playing and interacting with the characters deeply. The more points you earn, you are capable of buying a bigger house. 

This game also provides some options for houses that have the label “Free .”Once you find such a house, tap to select it and then click the “confirm” option. Enjoy your free house now. 

The time required to get a new house in Toca Boca depends upon the time you take to complete various activities. Some challenges are more time-consuming than others. Try to focus on current challenges to get more rewards or complete easy tasks first.  

Bottom Line

Explore the possibilities of Toca Boca and live your life in a house you have in your imagination. Now you have the comprehensive answer to your question: How do you get a house in Toca Boca? Now, feel free to enjoy this award-winning game to the fullest by using various free codes and exploring new houses and their customization options. You can slso enjoy your Christmas by making Christmas cookies.