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A challenging puzzle adventure from Toca Boca’s range of kid-friendly learning arcades, Toca Life City Mod APK (Full version) takes your kid through a tiny, responsive city. Several regions make up the game worldwide:

  • An eating establishment porch
  • A big shopping center
  • A salon for beauty treatments
  • A home

Above all, they are all filled with a diverse range of people and activities. 

Toca Life City is ideal for kids and adults due to its captivating interaction, vibrant illustrations, and thrilling, fun activities. Toca Life City is not only a game but also serves as a learning platform where your kid can learn about social and educational skills. Here are some other games also available in the same domain you can get from here:

Let’s get to know more about this adventurous game:

APK nameToca Life City MOD APK
Latest Version1.8.1
Size187.8 MB
Uploaded byToca Boca
MOD InfoAll Unlocked
Rated for3+ year

Let’s Begin the Installation Process!

You can get Toca Life City APK free download from this website with no glitches and an easy download process. Here is a complete guide on ‘how to download Toca Life City for free.’ The first thing to consider before downloading the game is the device’s storage—clear space of a minimum of 500 MBs to get started. Also, ensure the browser is updated for a smooth downloading process. 

Now, follow these simple steps to get the Toca Life City game on your device: 

  • Make sure that your device allows you to download from unknown sources. Go to settings and enable this option (unknown sources) for this. 
  • Search for Toca Life City Mod APK on our website and press the download button to get the APK file of the game. 
  • Click on the APK file to start the installation process.
  • Once the game is installed, launch it and enjoy all the premium features for free.  
  • Furthermore, the Toca Life APK mod PC version is also available, so you can download it on your PC and iOS devices.

An insight into the Toca Life City:

Hello to the Toca Life City, a City full of entertaining daily activities! Plenty of activities exist in every direction as you personalize individuals, discover fascinating places, and unearth secret riches.

Every item in the City has its individuality. Examine, examine, and consider each, then report back to us. It’s time for you to go into the City and start exploring aspiring people. It’s about to get experimental.


Highlights of Toca Life City Modified APK:

In the well-known simulation game Toca Life City mod APK, users may explore and engage with various people and places in a busy city. Gamers may now play the most recent version of the game without any constraints or bounds. The thrilling aspects of the playing experience are available to participants with no glitches or extra fees.

Travel in the city: 

Firstly, you can enlighten your life by traveling to different destinations in Toca City Life. These include a theater, retail Center, hair and beauty salon, cuisine park, luxury residence, and tailoring. You can enjoy 35 characters with more than 4 million possible combinations. That’s a plus! And above all, you can significantly transform the look of your individuals. 

Culinary arrangements: 

Furthermore, in the Toca Life City gameplay, there are seven distinct culinary vendors in the culinary area, so you can sample the renowned fish and fries and have some delicious sushi with your cheeseburger.


Personalize your characters: 

And not forgetting to improve your characters’ personality, there are 47 haircuts to attempt, 37 colors to pick from, and a variety of costumes that you can try on. There ain’t any in-app payments and no promotional materials from third parties


Visit the mall to buy food, gifts, companion animals, cookware, clothing, and other items. 

Gameplay environment: 

There’s light and subtle music in the background, with colorful visuals enhancing the gameplay experience. Moreover, your kid can compose a play and perform it on stage. The city has a peaceful environment everywhere, with many entertaining TV shows and games. This is the reason why your kid is engaged in the game for as long as you wish; there is no time restriction or maximum score. 

Interact and create: 

Make an effort, explore, and adapt. That’s the basic principle of Toca Life City. Now, it’s time to unleash your inner artist! You can change your clothes, tint your hair any color, and design your hair differently! We challenge you to make every possible combination of personalization for each of the hundreds of millions of avatars. Ahhh! You can do that pretty quickly. 


Engaging characters and places: 

You’ll get about 34 personalities and six places in Toca City Life! Visit the outlet mall to purchase goods, stop by a nearby restaurant park for a snack item, or request your guests to the apartment. It is simple to relocate the characters and the objects they hold onto between different areas.

Attend exceptional events regularly: 

Besides the primary game, Toca Life City Mod APK allows participants to engage in various additional activities. These include dipping in the local Pool, exploring a grocery shop, roasting chestnuts at dusk, and sharing tales beneath the night sky. 

Gamers can also picnic and peruse the city’s market for fresh goods throughout the day. We all know that it takes evil individuals in a place to educate kids not to do misdeeds. Grocery store criminals ought to be allowed to take part in the process of identifying their collaborators. Are you going to continue locking up the thieves?



With Toca Life City, children may engage and have enjoyment while being inspired to learn more about the world. Instead, it’s an interactive method to explore, learn, and spark your interest in the world. Moreover, if you want to know how to play Toca Life City, you can check my other posts. 


The Toca City is jam-packed with hints and education that the kid would find interesting. Several people carry out a wide range of acts on the city’s property; while some change their appearance in a beauty parlor, others just visit the shops.

 Meanwhile, some people just relax with buddies while streaming Television at night. There are several ways to engage with the characters so that the participant can choose. An entirely dynamic atmosphere is the project’s primary aspect.


Kids’ healthy interaction with the world:

For kids 3-12, the game creates an environment that benefits creativity and unlimited capacity for expression. With any item, interaction is enabled. Since the primary goal of Toca Boca Life City mod APK is to promote the educational development of child participants, everyone who wants to grow as imaginative and creative should try it.

We would like to hear from your side: 

To make the gaming experience more interactive, we are constantly making changes in the software according to our users’ demands. In Toca Life City, we made the City, especially for you.

 After Toca Town was published, we got over 10,000 feature demands, which we immediately included in this app. So, don’t be shy; keep giving suggestions about the gaming experience. 


Frequently asked questions:

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to Toca Blocks Mod APK and their brief answers:

At Toca Boca, we think playing can stimulate children’s curiosity and teach them about the world around them. We create our goods with children in mind, allowing them to be imaginative, fun, and authentic. Our products feature engaging, secure, and free-of-constraints gaming adventures in distinguished applications installed over 130 million times across 215 countries. 

You can install Toca Life City APK OBB by following these easy steps: 

  • Save and decompress zip files from OBB or DATA documents.
  •  Transfer the data files to your device’s Android phone/ data file or transfer OBB files to the Android/OBB folder.
  • Get the mod APK and activate it.
  • Access & enjoy it. 

The developers of Toca Boca, generally, and Toca Life City specifically, are very strict with societal norms, but when it comes to gender, the Toca games are gender-neutral. They consider that children should enjoy equal rights and opportunities while growing. 

Furthermore, the Toca Life City game is designed for kids aged 3-12. 

Bottom line:

Summing up, the Toca Life City mod APK is a considerable educational arcade platform for kids that helps them understand the world, interact with people, and do routine activities. This game builds confidence in kids and gives them enough courage to pursue healthy activities.